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KARA - Sapphire Blue Antique Button Necklace

KARA - Sapphire Blue Antique Button Necklace

This STUNNING Button!! Xlarge sized, beautifully ornate, Antique Sapphire BLUE Glass and Brass Button c.1890 is a prime example of the Victorian's attention to fine detail. It features a faceted Blue Glass center surrounded by intricate, patterned metal work. Large, chunky and deliciously Grand! Just gorgeous! (Zoom in to really appreciate the detail!) The pendant measures a large 2" and hangs from a warm brass, super chunky Rollo Chain with a front Toggle Clasp closure. 

This Antique Button Necklace is One-of-a-Kind and a true Statement piece.

* The button pendant measures 1 7/8" large
* The chain is super chunky Rollo (each link is 3/8")