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ROSA - Embroidered Textile Necklace

ROSA - Embroidered Textile Necklace

Instead of about a blooming Flower Necklace for Mom this year (even if that Mom is YOU!)

'Reminiscent' of 1900's perfume buttons, this stunning, contemporary version is a 1 1/2" Large, handmade Textile Pendant created from intricately embroidered fabric... and embellished with vintage velvet millinery petals, etched metal leaves and darling variegated thread center flower. It hangs from vintage stock Barrel Chain chain with a Lobster clasp closure and 3" extension. The pendant slides on the chain allowing you to wear the clasp in the back or asymmetrical at the front. A handblown, Glass Flower Bead adds a feminine touch. A One-of-a-Kind, original design by Donna Sutor 

The Pendant measures 1 1/2"
The Chain measures 17" with a 3" extension (Fits 17" to 21")

***((The charming Story behind PERFUME BUTTONS..."made in the mid-1800's, Perfume Buttons were constructed with an underlay of velvet fabric, usually with a, ornate brass overlay. Perfumes of the Victorian Era were oil based, and could easily soil a garment. These buttons were designed so women could dab their perfume on the velvet of the button, thus, protecting their clothing. During the Civil War, women would give such a button, scented with their perfume, to a husband or lover going off to war. He would stitch it under his uniform collar as a reminder of the love he left behind”))

On a personal note...I started my creative career as a Fashion Designer. Working with textiles is both nostalgic and very dear to is the perfect marrying of my past with my present. Here...the results of my most recent session.