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TATUM - Antique Button Necklace

TATUM - Antique Button Necklace

A charming, crown mounted, c.1890 Victorian Era Button with an intricate raised floral design sits atop a creamy, octagonal shaped Mother-of-Pearl Button to create the focal in this Lavaliere* Necklace. The chain is ornately patterned, antique silver Rollo with a contrasting, warm bronze U-link center. A generous 3" extension offers several length options. Limited Edition of Two.

*A lavaliere (or lavalliere) is an item of jewelry consisting of a pendant, sometimes with one focal, pendulous and centered from a necklace. The style was popularized by the Duchesse de la Vallière, a mistress of King Louis XIV of France. A lavaliere can be recognized most for its drop (that usually consists of a stone and/or a chandelier type of drop) which is attached to the chain and not attached by a bail.

* The center focal button and setting is 2" long by 1 1/4" wide
* The 5mm link chain has a 3" extension.