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Vintage Japanese Damascene Floral Cuff

Vintage Japanese Damascene Floral Cuff

STUNNING (and with more detail than the photos can show) this vintage 30's Japanese *Damascene focal, with it's lovely, delicate hand-painted Floral design and striking color combination of gold and silver on black is...Art in miniature and the focal on this textural, geometrically patterned 2" wide Cuff Bracelet. One-of-a-Kind and a real stand-out!!

***Damascene is the art of hand etching design into darkly oxidized metal then applying 18K or 24K gold and/or silver foil to create intricate patterns. The result is striking and beautiful. Altho a Japanese Artform...the style’s English name was likely inspired by its resemblance to rich tapestry patterns found in damask silk.

-The Damascene focal 1 1/4"
-The cuff is 2" wide and fits medium to large size wrists
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