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Baroque Pearl Bib Necklace

Baroque Pearl Bib Necklace

CREAMY Vintage Baroque Pearl Necklace
Limited Edition

ZOOM this to appreciate the details...

This elegant "Statement Necklace" is all creamy, pearly feminine beauty... yet BOLD (in size and heft). The mixed size, chunky, Gold Metal Hammered Beads and vintage Baroque Glass Pearls are stunning and have a luscious hand and finish. Excellent quality. That old adage "they just don't make 'em like this any more" applies! 36 of these beauties hang from an ornately etched satin gold link chain...the result is an exquisite and fine quality necklace with substantial presence. 

**See the drop down menu for length options. Each length comes with a 3" hand beaded extension for a additional versatility (see the back view photo)
**Pearls are the perfect Anniversary Gift (30th in particular)