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JADA- Jade Glass and Chinoiserie Pendant Necklace

JADA- Jade Glass and Chinoiserie Pendant Necklace

The Blue and White Chinoiserie Collection...There's nothing more Iconic than Crisp Blue and White for Summer! Steeped in tradition yet thoroughly modern, the entire collection featuring hand-painted porcelain *Chinoiserie Beads, vintage Baroque Pearls and richly textured Satin Gold Balls is a mix and matchers dream!! Layer it? Oh yes!!

JADA- A wow pop of Summer color meets crisp classic Blue and White! Easy wear, this long Jade glass pendant necklace with an interesting mix of silver chain, features an oversized, hand-painted Chinoiserie Porcelain yummy! Lightweight and easy wearing...and absolutely FUN!

-The porcelain bead measures 7/8", The Jade glass pendant measures 1 3/4"
-The total bead and pendant drop is 5 1/2"

-See the drop down menu for chain length options. (Does not include the 5 1/2" drop section)

*The term 'chinoiserie' which comes from the French word 'chinois' or 'chinese' denotes that chinoiserie did not, in fact, come directly from Asia but is instead a European interpretation of Asian culture and decorative arts.
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